Breakfast Dishes

Simple Breakfast with Ak-Makak-mak fun

  • ak-mak Crakers
  • Milk
  • Honey

    Directions: One cereal bowl, One box (if hungry) ak-mak Crakers: Crush crakers with fist, pour over milk, add some honey. Let sit for two minutes--eat.

    Todd Hunter

For Breakfast

  • ak-mak Whole Wheat Sesame Cracker
  • Spread easy spread cream cheese over cracker.
  • Then, thinly slice banana to place on cracker.
    - OR -
  • Spread creamy peanut butter over cracker.
  • Then, thinly sliced banana to place on cracker, for protein.

    Yes, I do love bananas! - DJC

Ak-Mak and Hummus

  • Ak-Mak, Hummus and Feta
  • Spread hummus on ak-mak cracker and sprinkle with feta cheese.

    Kim Conley
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